Big Shoulders: Stacy Klingbeil And Allison Chen, Design For America and Donovan Morrison, Luna Lights

| MSFT Chicago Staff

Big Shoulders Allison Chen Stacy Klingbeil Donovan Morrison

Design for America, founded at Northwestern University, is going from school to school inspiring a passion of design in today’s youth. They help groups generate ideas for today’s real world problems by working with their local communities. Once the idea is formed and tested they help bring it into fruition through mentorship and guidance.

Luna Lights is a local startup that works to prevent falls in assisted living communities. Their mission is to keep older adults happy, healthy and safe without any interruption of their daily lives, and they ensure that through automatic systems and sensors that make life easier for those who need assisted care.

In Adam’s latest Big Shoulders, he presents a two-fer, spotlighting Stacy Klingbeil and Allison Chen of Design For America as well as Donovan Morrison of Luna Lights. Watch Adam’s talk with the three live on Advisor.TV.

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