Chicago City Data User Group: Shared-Use Mobility and Data

| MSFT Chicago Staff

If you have taken the L, ridden the bus, hailed a cab, Uber, or Lyft, shared a ride, or checked out a Divvy Bike, then you have experienced shared-use mobility.  Shared-Use mobility comprises transportation services that are shared among users, including traditional public transit; taxis and limos; bikesharing; carsharing (round-trip, one-way, and personal vehicle sharing);  ridesharing (car-pooling, van-pooling); ride-sourcing; scooter sharing; shuttle services; neighborhood jitneys; and commercial delivery vehicles providing flexible goods movement.

The Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC) is a public-interest organization working to foster collaboration in shared mobility and help connect the growing industry with transit agencies, cities and communities across the nation. Through piloting programs, conducting new research and providing advice and expertise to cities and regions, SUMC hopes to extend the benefits of shared mobility for all.

SUMC was founded when the Center for Neighborhood Technology started, then sold the IGO car sharing service to Enterprise.  They took the proceeds and the former IGO CEO and built this amazing think tank.  Join us on May 4th when Tim Frisbie will tell us about the data they use, the data they publish, and how this fascinating area is growing in urban areas.


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