CPS Needs you this Summer

| Andrea McMillian and Sadie Stockdale Jefferson

“I am more advanced in my coding skills and my ability to comprehend new programming languages. With my new skills, I’ve competed in two hackathons and won first place in both.” – Damien Medina, Lake View High School, interned with Chicagoland Workforce Funder’s Alliance

It’s not about one internship. It’s about the future one internship can change.

Early-CollegeYour partnership and commitment to STEM learning in Chicago contributed to nearly 100 Chicago Public School students gaining significant project experience in IT-focused jobs through summer internships last year. As a result, many students reported significant growth in their problem solving, communication and collaboration skills. In addition, several students have since taken on advanced leadership positions within their schools, and some were even offered part-time jobs from their internship providers. Likewise, internship providers reported significant gains from the work interns performed, as well as the positive impacts interns had on overall workplace environments. These student-produced videos show how internships are truly a win-win partnership for students and companies, alike.

Now in our second year, we are happy to announce some changes that will make the program even better for the summer. This year we are adding the following:

  • Expanded candidate pool- includes graduating seniors as well as juniors
  • Strengthened interview process
  • New and improved student programming and networking skills assessments
  • Customized student preparation workshops
  • Comprehensive orientation webinar for providers

We believe these additions will greatly enhance student and provider experiences. With that said, we would love to have you partner with us again this summer and join our ever-growing movement to provide students with unique opportunities – and a network of our city’s leading organizations who care about our youth. Please respond below if your organization is interested in offering a 2016 summer internship opportunity. Thank you for your partnership.

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