Welcoming Computer Science Education Week in Chicago

 |   Sadie Stockdale Jefferson, Deputy Policy Director, City of Chicago

image001 (4)From December 7 through December 11, Chicago will be celebrating Computer Science Education Week — and we encourage you to join us. The Mayor is a strong supporter of computer science education: since 2011 the City of Chicago has gone from serving 600 students in 10 high schools in computer science to serving 6,500 students in 41 high schools.

We know that our work is not done.

Illinois currently has over 25,000 open computing jobs with the average salary above $80,000. That’s why Mayor Emanuel has committed to making computer science a graduation requirement by 2017 and committed to train 1,000 additional teachers in STEM education over the next five years to triple the number of students that receive STEM credentials by the end of 2018. We will continue to work to ensure all students have access to high quality opportunities in computer science.

Looking for more coding opportunities? Find more coding tools and resources for students, parents, and educators at microsoft.com/hourofcode.

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