Big Shoulders: Nik Rokop, IIT Entrepreneurship Academy Council

| Adam J. Hecktman

Big Shoulders: Nik Rokop, IIT Entrepreneurship Academy Council

Nik Rokop is an Industry Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Illinois Institute of Technology. At IIT, Nik is involved in the Entrepreneurship Academy Council. The Entrepreneurship Academy is an umbrella organization which is responsible for courses in entrepreneurship, supporting student businesses, and helping professors instill entrepreneurship in their courses. They are part of the Kaplan Institute, which is in turn focused on innovation and tech entrepreneurship

I spoke with Nik on Big Shoulders last week about the Academy. I learned some new things both about the Academy as well as the University in general. For one thing, it reminded me of the breadth that IIT covers academically. The EA Council is a group of professors and deans from each of the 8 college and they oversee the activities of the entrepreneurship academy.  Those include colleges from not just engineering and architecture (which IIT is well-known for), but schools of business and finance, , design, human sciences (including psychology and humanities),science, along with Kent Law School. An amazing resource in our south back yard.

Learn more about this by watching this segment on my webcast Big Shoulders:

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