Computer Science Education Week By The Numbers

| Sandra Abrevaya, Director of Education Policy

Computer Science Education Week By The NumbersStatistics show:

1.) 26,967 open computing jobs in the State of Illinois.

2.) There will be approximately 450,000 STEM related jobs in Cook County by 2018.

Chicago’s response:

Computer Science Education Week By The Numbers3.) Computer Science for All Initiative launched on December 9, 2013. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett announced that Chicago would take the unprecedented step of providing computer science education for all of its students, from kindergarten through 12th grade.

4.)    One year after this announcement, Chicago has nearly tripled the number of CPS students taking computer science classes.

5.)    Illinois is one of 25 states where students can count computer science for credit towards high school graduation.

This week:Computer Science Education Week By The Numbers

6.)    Nearly 60,000 CPS students learned to code

7.)    There were 375 Hour of Code Events

8.)    Nearly 100 nonprofits, museums and companies banded together for an Hour of Code including The Museum of Science and Industry, YWCA TechGyrls, Blue 1647, Girls Who Code, Chicago Public Library and YOUMedia, Lumity and The Field Museum. We even displayed the Hour of Code on billboards across the City, proudly proclaiming Chicago as the City that Codes.

Computer Science Week By The Numbers

A big thank you to the countless volunteers who organized Chicago’s Hour of Code sessions and to the parents, teachers and students who became role models teaching others how to code. It’s because of efforts like this that Chicago’s youth will be prepared to meet the future in STEM careers.

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