Bunker Incubator: Honoring Veterans Year-Round

| MSFT Chicago Staff

Today, and every day, we thank our veterans for their service. Veteran’s Day is the perfect opportunity to highlight ways to help our servicemen and women. By 2020, around a million veterans will make the difficult transition back to civilian life. After months to years of service in leadership positions, it is difficult for veterans to enter employee roles. That’s where programs like 1871’s Bunker Incubator step in.

The Bunker Incubator is a product of 1871 Chicago and is now expanding into seven other cities. Moving to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Kansas City, Mo.; Austin, Texas; and Tacoma, Wash., the Bunker hopes to help veterans on a more national level. Run by CEO Todd Connor, an Operation Iraqi Freedom Navy veteran, the Bunker supports veteran-run startups and helps new veterans secure careers with these startups. Veterans in the Bunker Incubator know how to embrace the mission of civic technology: they recognize civic problems and take charge with strength and leadership to secure that they’re fixed. That’s the spirit of a veteran, and that’s what startups need to thrive.

This year for Veterans Day we want to thank the Bunker for serving the men and women who’ve served us so selflessly.

Read more on the Bunker Incubator: via ABC7Chicago.

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