Lake View High School Parent Open House Celebrates STEM Education

| MSFT Chicago Staff

Lake View High School Parent Open House Celebrates STEM EducationOur mission in civic engagement includes a heavy involvement in our future, and that starts with our children. Chicago is filled with bright, eager, and passionate students who care about things that matter to both the city and the world. That’s why we support schools that promote STEM education — schools like Lake View High (LVHS).

LVHS focuses on STEM through Computer Science, Design Thinking, and Project-Based Learning programs, encouraging their students to pursue college programs and careers in the STEM field. Together with LVHS, we seek to close an opportunity divide. By empowering students through STEM/STEAM education, we can inspire students to become innovative, entrepreneurial, and focused on careers that help our city (and our world) thrive. Along with 4 other Early College STEM Schools, LVHS received a shout out from Mayor Rahm Emanuel at last month’s Microsoft Ignite press conference:

“It is one of the unique schools in the city of Chicago for STEM education that goes from 9th grade all the way through into college.”

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The first place students gain inspiration in their education is at home. And it’s important for parents throughout Chicago to understand how 21st century skills learned through programs like those at Lake View HS will help ensure their children’s success. That’s why we joined Lake View High School for their Parent Open House on November 1st to celebrate STEM education. Together with Principal Scott Grens, and Assistant Principal Angela Newton, we provided an interactive display of the latest technology and top programs. Our team of volunteers spoke with parents who embody the STEM spirit and wanted to learn more about the curriculum. The Open House included STEM tutorials, a Microsoft product showcase, and, best of all, parents (and students) wholeheartedly invested in the value of STEM education. About 200 parents and students spent time in the Microsoft room to chat with us, visit our device bar, and to explore our Kinect demo. Thank you to all of those who stopped by and showed us why our partnership with Lake View High School matters.

Take a look at some of our photos from the event and be sure to share them with parents and students alike:

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