Data breaches signal need to take proactive steps to tighten security

| Dennis Garcia

A commitment to cybersecurity is one of the key pillars defining the trustworthiness of Microsoft’s cloud platform and services. Of the major cloud service providers, Microsoft is the only one that has a dedicated Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) – a team of lawyers, investigators and data analysts who use expertise in law, cyberforensics, and data analytics to partner with public and private organizations to help protect the world from digital harm. Microsoft incorporates the cybersecurity insights and data from DCU operations into its cloud computing solutions to create a more secure digital environment for customers and the public.

In this article that appeared earlier this month in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, Microsoft Assistant General Counsel Dennis Garcia addresses why organizations need to focus upon cybersecurity. He also includes some practical advice organizations and individuals can follow to enhance cybersecurity.

Data breaches signal need to take proactive steps to tighten security

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Dennis Garcia

Dennis C. Garcia is an Assistant General Counsel for Microsoft based in Chicago. He leads the legal support function to Microsoft’s U.S. Central Region Enterprise & Partner Group – a team of sales, devices and services professionals based in an 18 state region. In that role Dennis shapes and negotiates cloud computing, on premise, devices and consulting services agreements with Microsoft’s largest customers. He also advises on general corporate legal matters. Prior to joining Microsoft, Dennis served as in-house counsel for Accenture and IBM.