4 employees who make every day Earth Day, a partnership to tackle water scarcity and using Microsoft Edge to combat poverty — Weekend Reading: April 21 edition

Sustainability is on our collective minds this week as we celebrate Earth Day and recognize a few of the people and technologies that are helping to preserve and protect our planet’s vital resources. Meet four Microsoft employees who work as environmental stewards, learn about a Microsoft partnership aimed at tackling water scarcity, and find out why our chief environmental strategist is hopeful that the world’s resource challenges can be addressed … Read more »

Microsoft Philanthropies inspires, the cloud holds disease-fighting promise and a marvelous athlete returns to Special Olympics – Weekend Reading: March 3 edition

The last week of the year’s shortest month was a busy one at Microsoft, with an inspiring reflection on Microsoft Philanthropies’ first year, new insight into how the cloud could help fight disease, and the launch of a wealth of innovative new devices at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Microsoft Philanthropies was created to harness the promise and potential of technology for people worldwide. In 2016, its first year of … Read more »