Remembering Eric Lundquist, eWEEK Editor in Chief

Twitter brought bad news on Friday. Eric Lundquist, one of the very early, always respected, incredibly bright chroniclers of the tech industry, passed away. It’s a big loss.

Eric was there at the very beginning of the PC era. I often think about this industry we’re in. It was born and made great by the inventors and dreamers, the businesspeople and the technologists, the partners and competitors and those who told stories about what was and what could be. Eric wrote and spoke and blogged about the industry in a way that helped people who weren’t of the industry understand and appreciate it. He was never a cheerleader, but always a fan. His articles and columns were fair, and even when I disagreed with him I respected his point of view.

I remember talking with him as PCWeek was making the transition to eWEEK. It was a big deal. It signaled a change for the industry. He knew the next big change was coming, and he was committed to making sure he and his audience were there for it. And so he was.

In some way, I think everyone building, developing, selling, writing, blogging, podcasting and talking about this huge and wonderful technology industry we have today owes a small or large debt to Eric and what he did.

Thanks, Eric.