Scott Mauvais

director of technology + civic innovation

Scott Mauvais
Meet Scott

If you’re going to lead tech innovation in the Bay Area, you need serious geek credentials. Scott Mauvais does – and then some: He’s co-owner of The WELL, the 30-year-old groundbreaking online community. For more than 14 years, Scott has worked with Microsoft’s top technology experts and problem-solvers, most recently as director of the Microsoft Technology Center. Now he’s applying Microsoft’s unique assets to solve urban-scale problems in the city of San Francisco.

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Why Hitchhiking is Cool Again

As a young kid in San Francisco during the mid-1970s, I grew up seeing hitchhikers everywhere. Then a bunch of scary stories (and myths and hoaxes) killed off the practice and hitchhiking largely died off. It seems to be back now and more popular than ever. Rather than being advocated by the members of the […]

Startups: the Job Creation Engine for Smaller Cities

October 30, 2015 Scott Mauvais Leave a comment

Startups are the largest job creation engine in cities; they create over 56% of new jobs. However, when it comes to jobs programs, rather than focusing on job creation, many city leaders chose to import them by enticing employers to relocate from other cities. This is bad policy for three reasons: It creates a race […]

Welcome to 555 California – Microsoft opens new office in San Francisco

Microsoft’s Dan’l Lewin and Katy Brown with San Francisco Supervisor Julie Christensen at the ribbon cutting ceremony Last week we hosted customers, partners, and community leaders at the grand opening celebration of Microsoft’s new San Francisco office at 555 California.  The move to the new interactive space in the heart of the Financial District will allow for better collaboration with our employees, partners, […]

CodeAcross San Francisco Is This Weekend. Should You Attend?

February 20, 2015 Scott Mauvais Leave a comment

Across the world, over 60 civic hacking groups will host local CodeAcross 2015 events to help make local government more accessible for the community.   On February 21, 2015, at the Code for America headquarters, Code for San Francisco and Microsoft are teaming up to bring CodeAcross San Francisco to the Bay Area. The event is timed with International Open […]

My Take on Civic Tech Growth – 6.4 Billion in Spend This Year Alone

February 5, 2015 Scott Mauvais Scott Mauvais Leave a comment

Over this past weekend I realized that six months ago, nearly to the day, I joined the Technology and Civic Engagement team after 14 plus years working on the enterprise side of Microsoft, mainly building the Microsoft Technology Center organization. Between Super Bowl commercials I took the opportunity to reflect back and compare what I’ve learned over […]

Microsoft Partners With 100 Resilient Cities On Civic Cyber-Security Strategies

January 20, 2015 Scott Mauvais Scott Mauvais Leave a comment

  Last week, Microsoft announced a partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities where we have joined as one of their Platform Partners. This is particularly relevant here in the Bay Area because San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley are all part of 100RC’s first cohort of 32 cities from across the world that joined the program in 2013. Microsoft’s role is to […]

From Machine Learning to the Resilient City, Civic Tech Trends for 2015

January 8, 2015 Scott Mauvais Leave a comment

In the five years since the first Gov 2.0 Summit and the creation of we’ve see tremendous growth in Civic Tech. At the end of 2014 we saw a lot of activity in three distinct areas that have evolved and are now entering a new phase: Civic hacking projects have grown into independent businesses […]

Up Next: Code for America Summit in San Francisco

September 18, 2014 Scott Mauvais Leave a comment

This week we’re taking part in the Code for America Summit, a yearly three-day gathering of civic innovation. Microsoft is proud to be a capstone sponsor of the event and to support Code for America’s vision of improving government, serving citizens and strengthening local economies. These are top priorities for us as well, so we’re […]