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philanthropy + civic engagement manager

Jessica Weare
Meet Jessica

Since joining Microsoft in 2012, Jessica has driven Microsoft’s philanthropic work in Silicon Valley, including grant making and employee engagement. As Philanthropy and Civic Engagement Manager, she now focuses on civic engagement projects in San Jose and Santa Clara County. In 2014, Jessica worked closely with Silicon Valley Community Foundation to launch the region’s first-ever online day of giving, Silicon Valley Gives, which raised more than $8 million in 24 hours and benefitted over 650 non-profits in the Bay Area. Jessica joined Microsoft after completing her Ph.D. in literature at Stanford University.

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Postcard from Brussels: Digital Impact

Do you love reading Q&As? Me too! This June I’m traveling through Europe with Stanford’s Digital Civil Society Lab. Over the past few years, the lab has built tools to help civil society use digital data safely, effectively, and ethically. Now, they want to pressure test these tools around the world. Does data policy built […]

Recap: Paseo Prototyping Challenge & Festival

Sometimes the (civic) stars align. I served as a judge in this weekend’s Paseo Prototyping Challenge in San José, and I’m incredibly proud. I’m so proud that I need bullet points to keep track of all my pride: I’m proud of San José State University (SJSU) for designing a months-long challenge for its students that focused on […]

Civic Tech in 2017: Predictions and Questions

January 24, 2017 Jessica Weare Leave a comment

Nothing seems more ill-advised in early 2017 than trying to predict what the rest of this year will bring for civic technology (or for technology in general, or for the public sector, or for America, or for the world). But in the spirit of the brilliant Lucy Bernholz, I feel compelled to revisit the predictions […]

Unleash Your Geek! Create Solutions for Urban Challenges

San José is growing and changing every day, and there’s always something new to explore: the city’s incredible collection of public outdoor art, some of the best poke bowls in the Bay Area, and the newly revitalized Plaza de Cesar Chavez.  But not all of the public spaces in the city are equally beautiful: the city […]

TransForm(ing) the future of Silicon Valley

One thing I’ve learned about Silicon Valley in the last couple of years is just how intertwined the region’s largest problems are.  Hate your commute?  Well, there’s almost certainly not enough housing built close to where you work. Frustrated by rising rents? The underlying causes include state-wide propositions as well as decisions about land use […]

#SVGives is May 3rd – You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

Tuesday is Silicon Valley Gives! In just 24 hours, thousands of people will donate millions of dollars to over a thousand non-profits – and in turn, those non-profits will improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. It’s a big day! Here are the answers to some FAQs:   Q: This sounds cool! Can […]

#Nonprofits + #Tech + #Hugs = #16NTC

Innovation doesn’t happen only in Silicon Valley, and it doesn’t happen only inside tech companies.  As this week’s Nonprofit Technology Conference proved, smart people throughout the nonprofit sector have not only embraced technology, but are pioneers when it comes to maximizing the power of technology. This year’s conference, a program of the Nonprofit Technology Network […]

Tons of data, tons of elected officials, tons of surprising Kardashian revelations: Joint Venture’s State of the Valley 2016

February 16, 2016 Jessica Weare Leave a comment

Joint Venture’s 2016 State of the Valley Conference last week had EVERYTHING: ·         A current elected official in San José Mayor Sam Liccardo ·         Former Members of Congress George Miller and Newt Gingrich (who, as it turns out, is a not-so-secret Kardashian scholar) ·         Current White House Technology Advisor Todd Park ·         Former Secretary of […]

Data on, for, and with Purpose

February 11, 2016 Jessica Weare Leave a comment

Jake Porway of DataKind kicked off Stanford Social Innovation Review’s second annual Data on Purpose conference yesterday by joking that the event was “so much better than the conference I spoke at yesterday – Data by Accident.” Jake’s joke wasn’t (just) flippant – it actually spoke to the conference’s underlying theme, that the nonprofit sector […]

Civic Tech in 2016: Predictions and Questions

January 21, 2016 Jessica Weare Leave a comment

It’s late January, which means three things are true: It’s probably time to stop saying “Happy New Year” (although some kind of official ruling on the cutoff date would be helpful). We can all start to feel a tiny bit of comfort that a year from now, the 2016 U.S. election cycle will be truly […]