Behind the Scenes: Silicon Valley Campus stars in Microsoft’s hybrid work video

Living Room at SVC

Part of Microsoft’s approach to hybrid work focuses on how we’re adapting our physical places where work is happening today. Our key principle: be flexible. Microsoft’s new Silicon Valley Campus captures this flexible design strategy, where people are free to work from environments that they’re most comfortable in and promote collaboration—even across time zones.

We recently featured the campus in a video to visualize how employees flow in our modernized workplace. Highlights of the video demonstrate office layouts to suit a variety of team sizes, working preferences, and types of work, from focused to collaborative to specialized. The end result: a great depiction of a more flexible work world.

But the technical aspect of pulling this video together was just as interesting, and we want to share a glimpse of how this video came to be. Filmed using a Panasonic GH5 and custom built, heavy-lift first-person view (FPV) drones, the aircraft flies through Silicon Valley Campus in one continuous single shot capturing unique perspectives of time and place. In this behind the scenes look, Framework Films introduces their team, discusses each phase of development from pre- through post-production, showcases flight and aerial camera methodologies, touches on the revision cycle for brand compliance and approval, and reviews the importance of safe flying procedures when working with live, choreographed talent.


YouTube Video

John Payes and crew

John Payes, director of the Experience Center Americas West, an immersive customer space at Silicon Valley Campus, is ready for his close-up. Left to right, Jason Wilson and Alex Kavanagh of Framework Films, Joshua Luebke from the Microsoft team, and John Payes (sitting).

Josh and Mike

Josh Ewalt (left), FPV drone pilot and Mike Lindle (right), founder and creative director at Framework Films, review drone footage onsite at Silicon Valley Campus.

Framework Films crew

Crew from Framework Films and the Microsoft campus team pose for a photo after a successful video shoot.

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