Dean Paron shows the impact of the new Azure Stack Edge Rugged Series

Our own Microsoft Bay Area leader, Dean Paron, partner director of product management for Azure Storage and Edge, runs a demonstration of the new Azure Stack Edge Rugged Series to show how his team is helping bring the power of the cloud to the physical world.

Within the clip, he shares how the Microsoft Azure powered device could have empowered USAID workers fighting the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Liberia. Dean features the Azure Stack Edge Rugged Series Cognitive Services modules for OCR and Language Translation within a search application. He applies these to first-hand accounts and material from the relief team that was on the ground. The video also shows how the new portable form-factor allows edge computing to go even further than before.


“By bringing the power of the intelligent cloud to the edge, we create this incredible opportunity for devices to be adaptive and responsive in their environments and at the most critical decision moment – an autonomous vehicle knowing when to turn, a piece of factory equipment shutting off before it’s a safety hazard, or a medical device continuing to operate – even when connectivity is limited.” – Dean Paron (@deanparon)

Microsoft is uniquely positioned to deliver a comprehensive approach for the intelligent edge. Opportunities to join Dean and the local Azure Stack Edge team advancing the next wave of computing to the intelligent edge can be found here:

Additional information on the new Azure Stack Edge Rugged Series can be found here: