Introducing Microsoft’s Sustainable Silicon Valley Campus

Microsoft’s smarter and greener than ever!

Today, we’re announcing one of Microsoft’s greenest efforts — our new Silicon Valley campus, a new space that combines Microsoft ingenuity with the need for innovation and sustainability. Immersing with the local ecosystem, this new space will combine conservation measures like water harvesting and processing, wetlands integration, foodwaste management, and more, to contribute to an overall water waste product of net zero. And this new Microsoft Silicon Valley campus will be the first tech campus with Net-Zero Water certification — meaning 100 percent of the building’s non-drinking water will come from rainwater or recycled water.

We’re excited to see this campus built with the local environment in mind, including a redesign of the grounds to incorporate the neighboring Stevens Creek waterway and ecosystem. This will feature a living, green roof, on-site gardens that will contribute to the main dining area, walkways along the wetlands, and more.

This new campus is part of Microsoft’s larger sustainability initiatives. Find out more about Microsoft’s commitment to environment and sustainability here.

Learn more about Microsoft’s new Silicon Valley campus at Microsoft Story Labs here.