Tech Events | November 2017

Happy November! With the holiday season rapidly approaching, we want to make sure you keep tech in mind. We’ve gathered some of the Bay Area’s top events to keep you in check this month:

November 1 — Bay Area Women Activists: From the Ground to the Sky

Our Women Speakers Series highlights dynamic women who have made important contributions to women’s human rights, social justice, and gender equality. Launched in March 2017 with Gloria Steinem in conversation with Lateefah Simon, our second installment features Bay Area women activists.

November 2 — Innovations in Corporate Social Impact Summit

A fantastic line-up of corporate professionals will offer insight into the various initiatives underway at their organizations geared at increasing corporate social and environmental impact. With many activities now extending far beyond traditional corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, the primary goals of this event are to educate participants about the practical programs and initiatives achieving success and generating maximum impact through an in-depth program of talks, panel discussions and peer-to-peer networking.

November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 — Code for San Francisco Civic Hack Night

Interested in helping San Francisco? You have found the right place!

Join neighbors, government employees, designers, coders, students and more! Our weekly hack night is focused on civic tech and making government services better in San Francisco. We hack/build and learn together every Wednesday evening.

November 7 — Fundamentals of Data Analysis for Government – Bay Area

This is a survey course for government employees to spend 2 days learning and practicing the fundamentals of data analysis for the public sector. The training session will culminate with the presentation of small group capstone projects.

November 7 — Navigating The Health IT & Fintech Landscapes For Women Of Color

Connect with women of color building and investing in fintech and health IT startups.

November 7, 14, 21, 28 — Open Oakland Civic Hack Night

Join us for our weekly civic hacking and community meeting inside City Hall.

Everyone interested in how to get more civically engaged and working on projects – Welcome! We provide a safe space, wi-fi, great peeps, and dinner. Come meet OpenOakland and find out how we are making an impact and where you can fit in.

November 9 — Designers + Geeks: Humans Vs. Employees

Join Justin Kerr (MR CORPO) to talk about what it takes to succeed in today’s workplace. Good bosses, bad bosses, crying, email fights, promotions, vacations, bonuses, interviews, partying, feedback – work: Let’s talk about it.

November 9, 16Code for San Jose Civic Hack Night

We hold Civic Hack Nights twice a month where members use their skills to make San Jose, and the South Bay, a better place.

November 11 — Bay Area Science Festival Discovery Day

Join the UCSF Memory and Aging Center at the 7th annual Bay Area Science Festival Discovery Day at AT&T Park on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017.

There will hundreds of hands-on activities, opportunities to meet local scientists and engineers, and plenty of fun and educational entertainment. The entire ballpark will be packed to the rafters with science content: on the field, at every entry/exit and every level of the ballpark. Get ready to unleash your inner scientist.

November 13-19 — SF Urban Film Fest

Urban planning is the convergence of politics and our physical environment. It effects everyone, all the time. Urban planning decisions impact where (or whether) you have a place to sleep at night, the ways you get around town, the food you eat, and the air you breathe. Good urban planning can improve your health and even save your life (think protected bike lanes).

Making cities better is a grueling process. Although we all want healthier, safer and more affordable cities, making them a reality is a complicated process that often alienates the folks who need support the most.

The SF Urban Film Fest makes urban planning fun, entertaining, and accessible. Our community includes filmmakers, urban planners, artists, architects, real estate developers, activists, tech professionals, college professors, students, government staffers and citizens like you.

November 16 — Clean Power, Healthy Communities 2017

What do social justice and sustainability have in common?

Now is your opportunity to be a part of the solution to climate change; the movement for community-based energy—investing in equitable sustainable businesses, providing family-sustaining clean energy jobs, powering schools, urban food systems, public transportation, and other public spaces, and strengthening community self-sufficiency and resilience.

At this gathering, you’ll learn what energy democracy is – how it’s very different from simply moving to 100% renewable energy – and how it can empower and accelerate your own work, whether you’re focusing on the environment, social justice, the local economy, labor and the workforce, or housing and displacement.

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