Tech Events | August 2017

Silicon Valley summers are smooth and sweet. We’re keeping the momentum going with these top picks for events this month:

August 2 — Complexity: A launch party and community discussion

Complexity is a panel discussion on diversity & inclusion in the media and tech industries. This event is also a soft launch for a bold new media startup called Woke.

Woke is an digital media network with a focus on diversity and representation from multiple different underrepresented communites. Woke connects tech-savvy (and not so tech-savvy) multi-cultural, multi-identity goofy goobers to content on art, entertainment, and identity. You’ll be the first to see our sneak peek site and have an insider look at whats to come.

August 2-3 — Participatory Mapping/GIS 2017 

The goal of Participatory Mapping/GIS 2017 is to bring together an international community of academics, planners/managers, and practitioners to (1) describe state of knowledge in participatory mapping methods, (2) to learn new mapping applications and technology, and to (3) identify best practices, standards, and future research needs.

August 7 — Agile for Everybody: The Essentials of Agile and Lean

Agile and Lean practices have completely transformed the way that software development teams work. And yet, many organizations struggle to extend and integrate these practices beyond an initial set of developers, designers, and product managers. The resulting disconnect can reinforce organizational silos, reduce alignment around company goals, and undo the operational efficiencies gained by an Agile or Lean approach. For an organization to truly see the benefits of Agile and Lean, it must embrace Agile for everybody.

In this hands-on training provides an accessible and jargon-free introduction to the core beliefs and practices of Agile and Lean, and explores how Agile and Lean practices can transform entire organizations. Through lectures, discussion, and exercises, you’ll learn how and why the Agile and Lean movements developed, compare and contrast the rhythms and rituals of these practices, and discover actionable steps you can take to implement and scale the best of Agile and Lean across your organization.

August 8 — Silicon Valley Bike Summit 2017

Please join us at the 7th Annual Silicon Valley Bike Summit, the region’s largest gathering of active transportation leaders and organizers from government, law enforcement, non-profit, and the public.

August 23 — Idea Lab

Full Circle Fund Invites you to the 4th Annual Idea Lab. This nontechnical hackathon is hosted and sponsored by The San Francisco Foundation, participants will have a chance to collaborate for a 90-minute session where they come up with innovative solutions for our 2017 Grant Partners. This is an exciting time for Members and guest thought partners to contribute their time and talent to a 2017 Grant Partner they are not currently collaborating with to make a difference in just one night!

SUMMER PLAY: San Francisco Game Expo!

Over 50 games. Over 300 players. 1 night.

Over seventy game developers will be showing off their latest games one-on-one to a crowd of 500 people. For developers, this is a great opportunity to show off their games (finished or unfinished) and get direct feedback from players. For everyone else, it’s a unique opportunity to try out the biggest collection of games made in and around SF all in one place. Each game gets its own booth as players meet the developers and try out their games. Throw pizza into the mix and you get Playcrafting’s biggest event!

August 27 – September 1 — Designing for Social Systems Workshop

The is excited to announce an intensive workshop for leaders and practitioners in nonprofit, philanthropy, government, and social impact fields to advance the way they work. Participants will learn how to combine human-centered design, systems thinking, and communication design to increase their impact in the complex work of social change. We aim to empower leaders to be more creative, insightful, collaborative, and strategic.

August 29 — TIERS Public Engagement Workshop

In this one day workshop, local leaders from cities, counties and special districts will learn new tools, tips and tricks to improve their public engagement efforts. Explore the Institute for Local Government’s new TIERS Public Engagement Framework, a step-by-step practical guide to effectively engage residents regardless of your budget. Connect with others in your region, learn how to overcome barriers, challenging situations and political roadblocks and gain new facilitation skills with hands on exercises.

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