Mission Techies — Helping Young Adults Launch Tech Careers

Mission Techies is a program from the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) that provides free technology training for San Francisco youth. Inspired by the past and present life of San Francisco’s Mission District, MEDA envisions generations of Latino families with sufficient assets to thrive. Microsoft is proud to support such a collaborative, impact-driven program. This 12-week training program teaches 17- to 24-year-old participants IT essentials: hardware, software, networking, coding, and how to provide tech support to low-income families. Below is a video of a success story from Mission Techies graduate William López, a Guatemalan immigrant and current IT specialist.

“I always wanted to get a Computer Science degree, but it’s really expensive. I never thought I could get a job at a tech company,” López says.

YouTube Video

Video by Forward Story Studio

Interested in sharing your technology skills with an underserved young adult? Mentor a Mission Techie, better a life. Here’s a full description of their mentorship opportunity.