Tech Events | February 2017

After a January that seemed like it would never end, we’re ready to fall back in love with February. Join us this month for some of the top civic tech events in the Bay Area:

February 1 — The Watermark Conference for Women: Silicon Valley

February 1 — Creating a Path to a Smart City Workforce

In a hyper-connected age, cities are acutely aware of the need to have well-educated, diverse and entrepreneurial citizens in order to be competitive and to fuel innovation and economic growth. There isn’t a single, silver-bullet solution that will magically poise cities and their workforces for success in a digital world. However, there is a series of investments and pragmatic steps that cities and businesses can take (together) to create a smarter, more agile, competitive workforce.

This webcast will explore:

  • Approaches for identifying untapped talent pools within the existing workforce
  • Enabling better public/private sector partnerships to mobilize talent
  • How to create collaborative environments where non-traditional education can up-skill, establish vital knowledge pools, and seek continuous learning opportunities

February 1-2 — Mobile Growth Summit

Mobile Growth Summit, North America’s Largest Mobile-Only Conference, features the single biggest collection of Mobile Industry thought leaders from User Acquisition, Monetization, Engagement/Retention, and Data Science & Analytics assembled all year! During this intensive 2-day, non-vendor conference, you can learn from, and connect with, other mobile industry professionals like yourself!

February 6 — Can Clean Tech Clean Up Our Future?

With stock market values at near-record highs, again, how is the clean tech sector doing? One index of solar stocks is down 50 percent from a year ago and the industry was stung by the high-profile flame-out of SunEdison. Overall, however, the clean energy industry is growing and creating jobs. One recent report found the number of people who work in renewable energy grew 5 percent to 8 million people worldwide.

What technologies are most promising for making money and getting a job? What areas offer the biggest prospect for game-changing breakthroughs? Join a conversation with three battle-hardened experts about what’s real and what’s hype in today’s clean power landscape.

February 6 — 10th Annual Crunchies Awards

TechCrunch kicks off 2017 with the 10th Annual Crunchies Awards Show, the award ceremony to recognize and celebrate the most compelling startups, internet, and technology innovations of the year. Doors open at the San Francisco Opera House at 7pm and the show begins at 8pm.

February 6-9 — NewCo Bay Area Conference

February 7 — Big Ideas Workshop: Making Sense of Sensors

This workshop on sensors and systems design is intended for students interested in applying sensors, computers, and information technology to address social challenges around the world. In particular, this workshop will focus on designing applications and products that interact with the real world: collecting and leveraging physical data. No prior technical skills are required to attend this workshop.

February 7Celebrate Oakland Teachers!

Oakland has world-class educators working across this great city and we want to celebrate them! The Educate78 Teacher Advisory Group invites you to celebrate our teachers and to get further involved in making Oakland a great place to teach.

February 8, 15, 22 — Code For San Francisco Weekly Hack Night

Interested in helping San Francisco? You have found the right place!

Join neighbors, government employees, designers, coders, students and more! Our weekly hack night is focused on civic tech and making government services better in San Francisco. We hack/build and learn together every Wednesday evening.

February 8, 15, 22 — Women’s JavaScript Study Group

We’re a group of women who want to learn JavaScript together. We welcome people of all levels. Beginners are especially encouraged. You move at your own pace in this group, so it doesn’t matter if you are a fast or slow learner, or if you attend every week.

February 9 — Tech in the City – Presented by Microsoft and Larkin Street Youth Services

We have a few goals with the Tech in the City series.

  • Give the inside scoop on how some fascinating companies have been built.
  • Inspire current and future leaders in the tech sector to build companies that positively engage with their community.
  • Have fun. So, well, we have beer/wine, snacks and networking, all in the beautiful Microsoft Reactor space.


February 10 — Breakfast Club: IoT Reality Check…and What’s Next

In the last few years we’ve witnessed a barrage of IoT-related technology messages and predictions, such as billions of devices getting connected and creating trillions of dollars in value. Exciting economic predictions aside, perhaps the most important role of IoT in the near term is the potential to find and rapidly fill a wide scope of needs and desires, from the factory floor to home appliances and Pokemon GO-like games. Beyond what’s widely discussed, and looking toward future trends, how and where will IoT further enhance consumer experiences, optimize industrial operations, introduce new business models and create new revenue streams? Join this panel of accomplished visionaries as they examine the potential to implement IoT for quick payback—today and tomorrow.

Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Maciej Kranz’ book, Building the Internet of Things: Implement New Business Models, Disrupt Competitors, Transform Your Industry.

February 14 — CyberTECH Securing the Smart City Forum

Leveraging many years of effort working on the Internet of Things (IoT), CyberTECH has developed the Securing Smart Cities Program focusing on the state of smart & safe cities, best practices, the cultural aspects of creating safe cities, including elements of Smart Cities and IoT that make people nervous about connecting wearables, “liveables” and “driveables” to the Internet to form smart cities.

We believe a city cannot be “smart” if the things it connects to the Internet and other open networks are vulnerable to cyber attack or lack basic user privacy or product safety. Join us during RSA 2017 as we discuss the need for Smart Cities to build in security and privacy by design.

February 17 — 2017 State of the Valley Conference

State of the Valley is Silicon Valley’s annual “town meeting” – a tradition at least as old as our nation’s founding, when concerned citizens met on the village green to mobilize for the challenges ahead. In that same spirit, Joint Venture’s town meeting convenes the entire region – concerned citizens and stakeholders, thought leaders and opinion makers, journalists, our elected representatives, educators and academics, business executives, labor and workforce leaders – for dialogue and discussion about the Valley’s challenges and opportunities.

But more than merely commentary, State of the Valley also features music and dance from the region’s arts groups, high school bands, and elementary school choirs. There are also booths and exhibits on the concourses showing off entrepreneurs, established corporations, and non-profits who are working in Joint Venture’s project areas. The event is a celebration of our region–who we are and who we’re becoming.

Who attends State of the Valley? Everybody! In years past, more than 1,500 people have participated. They include senior business executives; federal, state and locally elected officials and their senior staff; heads of organizations, labor leaders, venture capitalists, journalists (print, television and electronic media), academics, and a host of other community members.

February 23 — Playcrafting SFO Winter Expo!

50 games. 300 players. 1 night.
Join us for our Winter Expo on February 23rd at Microsoft!
Over seventy game developers will be showing off their latest games one-on-one to a crowd of 500 people. For developers, this is a great opportunity to show off their games (finished or unfinished) and get direct feedback from players. For everyone else, it’s a unique opportunity to try out the biggest collection of games made in and around SF all in one place. Each game gets its own booth as players meet the developers and try out their games. Throw pizza into the mix and you get Playcrafting’s biggest event!

February 23-26Lesbians Who Tech + Allies Summit San Francisco 2017 #LWTSUMMIT

Lesbians Who Tech is global community of over 20,000 queer women + allies in tech. Learn more here

February 28 — TECH Fashion Week 2017 : Women in Fashion+Tech

Women driving innovation are changing the face of tech and fashion. The success of prominent female leaders are bringing more attention to women in the tech sphere. New digital innovations in fashion and retail resonates with female customers and technology is playing a bigger role than ever in fashion — a trend that will be evident in New York Fashion Week and the London, Milan & Paris.

TECH Fashion Week’s [5th Annual] focus is on technology and innovation within the fashion industry including fashion tech, wearable tech, and retail tech. TECH Fashion Week’s full schedule of events and workshops feature cutting-edge fashion, design and technology companies, startups and entrepreneurs showcasing current developments from all sectors of the Fashion Tech eco-system.

TECH Fashion Week™ is an industry event for individuals, groups and organizations involved in or interested in the development and transformation of fashion through technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. ​TECH Fashion Week’s 2017’s theme is ‘Digital Fashion’s Coming of Age’ to highlight the continuing evolution of the fashion industry’s future. Attendees will be exposed to what is digitally changing the industry from 3d printing, retail e-commerce, virtual reality, connectivity, wearables and internet of fashionable things.


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