CS Teacher Series—Coding in the Classroom by Charles Federmann

Dec 12, 2014   |   Charles Federmann

To close out Computer Science Education Week, we’d like to highlight the personal side of Computer Science and STEM/STEAM programs here in the Bay Area. We asked Charles Federmann of Crittenden Middle School in Mountain View why Computer Science is important to him and his students.


I teach technology education to my students because I want them to see computers as an extension of their creativity whether it be learning how to build and print 3D models, put together an artistic slideshow, create a perfectly edited video or deploy a new game that they designed. A computer is nothing more than a tool that will remain motionless without a user; the students provide the magic, which brings life to their ideas and the tools they use.  My students continually surprise me with how inquisitive they are. Almost every day they ask if I have heard of this or that program, 3D printer, or some new gadget that has captured their attention.

Students who attend Crittenden Middle benefit from technology in the classroom by developing essential digital literacy skills that set the foundation for their futures as 21st century technologists. I chose to teach technology because I’m fascinated with how it can help people solve simple and complex problems alike, while allowing each of us to express our ideas in an artistic manner. Watching my students apply technology tools to research, collaborate, and refine their ideas are proud moments for me because I know these skills empower them to explore the corners of their curiosity and become better learners both inside and outside the classroom.

Charles Federmann is a Computer Science and Technology Teacher at Crittenden Middle School. He has been an educator for over 14 years and is a graduate of Boise State. Charles enjoys coaching, outdoor activities, playing with gadgets and sharing his passion for technology with the students and staff at Crittenden.


Charles’ students with the Mayor of Mountain View Chris Clark during their #HourofCode session at Crittenden Middle School this week.

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