Windows Embedded, Surface 2.0, Microsoft Tag, Windows Phone and Kinect come together for “5D” experience


Coming off the back of CES and the NRF, we’ve seen a lot of Kinect and Surface 2.0 applications. Our friends at Razorfish have have taken things a few steps further by bringing Windows Embedded, Surface, Tag, Windows Phone and Kinect for Windows together for “5D” experience. The 5 refers to the integration of devices, content, experiences, analytics and CRM – with a touch of digital magic, says the Emerging Experiences blog.

Props to Razorfish for showing the potential of combining Microsoft technologies. Is there any other company that provides such a broad technology platform that enables others to build solutions like this? When this type of solution comes to market, it’ll likely never bear the name Microsoft. While the media talks about slates, phones, PC and electronics that consumes buy themselves, these types of technologies are equally important in understanding Microsoft. We provide platforms that other innovate on. We’ve been quietly doing this for a long time and as the real world blends with the digital world, we’ll see more and more of this.

5D is available now as a beta version.

Thanks to Long Zheng for flagging this.