Why architects love Surface Pro

I’m something of a closet architecture fan and though my drawing skills are similar to those of a four year old, I’ve learned to appreciate the practice and the craft of building buildings. I’ve also seen the profession change dramatically over the last twenty years – fueled by technology. The days of the drawing board are long gone (though I still long for them) and computers rule supreme as the design too.

Architizer is recognizing the impact of technology with a new award Architecture + Technology and over the next few months they’re showcasing three blue chip architecture firms using Surface Pro. In their own words, they’re “amazed by how agile the device is at bridging the gap between tablet portability and desktop horsepower” and are watching architects get the benefits of a tablet with pen input to use Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino, Revit, and many other apps.

Head over to Architizer to find out more.