Nextgen Reader hits the Windows Store



One of the first apps I looked for when I started playing with Windows 8 was a feed reader app – something that could pull all my RSS feeds in from Google Reader and display them in a manner that would suit a tablet style device. I’ve tried a few but when Next Gen Reader landed in my lap, I knew it was the one. Today, it’s available in the story to try or buy.


Nextgen reader is fast, easy to use and offers two great interfaces. The magazine style view for your tablet/touch-screen device shown above and the classic view with a 3 column layout shown below. I’m using it now on Surface and on a dual monitor setup from my Vaio Z and it runs great on both. It has good integration with the share charm so I can quickly email stories of interest to friends and supports pinning of a categories and feeds to the start page.




One tip – switching between the two view modes isn’t obvious – just hit the Nextgen icon top left of the app to toggle. Aside from that, it’s a steal at $3.99