The Next at Microsoft Podcast Ep. 1 – Tech with Takei


For nearly 40 years, Microsoft has been working on the frontiers of society where technology, culture and design intersect, in order to help people live more productive lives. Over the past four years, the Next at Microsoft blog has focused much of its attention on these areas of overlap in the company, where exciting, original ideas are being born. While we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing many fascinating people for this blog – from inside and outside the company – we wanted to bring you these conversations in ways that were even more interesting and engaging.

Today, we’re kicking off a podcast series that will bring in some of the industry’s most interesting people to talk about tech. The podcast will host conversations with those who have been out there with us, creating and innovating—people like George Takei.

Long known for his role in the 60’s sci-fi series, Star Trek, Takei has since remained on the frontiers, advocating for justice around a variety of causes. Takei has more than a million followers on Twitter and it was enlightening to learn how he used humor—and Grumpy Cat in particular—to expand his audience from a small group of Star Trek fans to a massive following who are passionate about human rights and marriage equality.

Takei recently visited Microsoft campus to film an episode of his web series, Takei’s Take. It was pretty cool to hear his initial impressions of the Skype “Universal” Translator from someone who had first-hand experience with the original concept. Now if we can just figure out how to build a transporter…

Sit back and enjoy this first in a series of discussions with original thinkers, innovators and tech luminaries.

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