Microsoft’s FUSE Labs puts CompanyCrowd in to Tech Preview

I see the team at FUSE Labs has been busy this week – they popped down to Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles to talk about the future of social and used the opportunity to announce a new project – CompanyCrowd.

It’s easy enough to find information about a company online, but it’s another thing to find the full range of information that you actually want. CompanyCrowd is a novel way to do just that. It’s a website that enables you to automatically collect stories, media and social content about the companies that are most important to you – all in one place. It gathers the information that’s out there and analyzes the wisdom of the crowd to identify what’s going to be the most important information. The team calls it a “living newspaper” and that seems about right.

Up above there is a page on American Express that’s already been curated by the team. They’ve specified the company name and identified some keywords so they can pull up the right mix of information from news stories, financial data, Twitter, videos and more. You can set up a company page yourself and pick the keywords you want to look for, and you can update your settings to adapt to new terms, block irrelevant terms and home in on specific people to follow. Much more convenient than having to jump from search to search online.

CompanyCrowd is in tech preview right now so it’s only going to get better as users play with it.