Microsoft 2012 Holiday Look Book

This is a guest post by my colleague Rob Wolf – a Senior Marketing Communications Manager who manages the social media properties for the Microsoft brand on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


As readers of this blog know, we are often inspired by the ways industries outside of technology tell their stories. While we in the tech space have a tendency to get hung up on speeds and feeds, other industries are often great at presenting products visually. One rarely sees a fashion brand introducing a product based on the thread count of their fabric. Target doesn’t publish a catalog of everything they sell.  Instead, they lead with photography. They curate and present a limited selection of the best they have to offer. 

It is in that spirit that we set out to create the Microsoft 2012 Holiday Look Book. While there is an incredible diversity of PCs, tablets, and Xbox games out there, our Look Book presents just 10 suggestions. And with these suggestions, we sought to present an image that captures a kernel of each product’s soul. From the finely engineered tools that inspired the Wedge Touch Mouse to the radical non-conformity of the Nokia Lumia 920, these are images that aim to stop you in your tracks. We hope you’ll take a minute to flip through them, explore the facts we’ve sprinkled through each picture, and share the ones you love.

Have a Look at the Microsoft 2012 Holiday Look Book