Latest step for Microsoft Academic Search will help make Cortana smarter

This fall, Cortana, the personal assistant for Windows Phone 8.1, will be smarter than ever with academic data powered by Bing. This addition to Bing will make that service even more robust — and will help make Cortana the best personal assistant for researchers.

The new functionality represents the latest step for Microsoft Academic Search, which has been a test bed for research ideas for fields such as data mining and visualization. Instead of treating scholarly information as a separate search engine, this information will be a regular part of Bing search results.

“Microsoft Academic Search is evolving from a research project to a production effort that will leverage the full capability of Microsoft’s flagship search engine, Bing,” says Kuansan Wang, director of the Internet Services Research Center.

Head over to Inside Microsoft Research to find out more about how this integration is part of Harry Shum’s opening keynote for the Faculty Summit 2014, as well as more news about a breakthrough in speech-recognition technology and also how the Cortana Notebook will gain an academic theme.

Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff