Imagine: with Ballmer, Howard, Grazer, Lanier

What do Steve Ballmer, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Jaron Lanier and Mimi Ito all have in common? They’re all at the imagine 2011 summit over the next 48 hours on Microsoft’s campus here in Redmond. I’ll be there, as will my pal with a video camera, Mel Carson.

The full agenda looks pretty promising and I’ll be tweeting and snapping the odd photo – hashtag will be #imagine11. This whole thing is going down in Microsoft’s main conference center in building 33.

I’m actually pretty excited to see The Sancho Plan in action too – they’re playing on Thursday morning at the event. I first saw these guys plays at Thinking Digital in 2009 and they rocked the house. I was able to help invite them to Redmond and I think they’ll stun the audience. Get a sneak peek below of their “interactive entertainment experiences for the 21st century”.