Forthcoming Nokia Lumia Icon shows the possibilities of smartphone audio

Today marks the unveiling of the Nokia Lumia Icon, which will be sold at Verizon for $199 starting Feb. 20. There are many features that make the Icon desirable, including its gorgeous metal construction, its 20-megapixel camera and its full HD OLED display. But what really catches my attention are the four lossless microphones that capture omnidirectional audio in stereo.

The above video, which was shot with the Icon, shows the fidelity that’s possible with these microphones. A lot of cameras would suffer some audio clipping in these conditions, but the Icon seems to render the humming and revving of the engines with no problem. In practice, this will allow users to create videos of moments that come really close to how you remembered them. It’s an exciting time to be a videographer!

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