A virtual choir with Skype

I’m catching up on TED2013 at the moment and though many sessions have caught my eye, the concluding performance by Eric Whitacre really caught my attention. Why? Well he had 100 choir members from choirs at State University, Long Beach Campus, California State University, Fullerton Campus and Riverside City College with 30 different singers from 28 different countries.

How did he do it? Skype, that’s how.

Whitacre is a Grammy-award winning composer, conductor and lecturer but even with his experience of virtual choirs, this was a first for him – and the world. You can see the result for yourself in the video above and read more on the TED blog. Meanwhile the video below shows how it happened.

Epic stuff to which Whitacre said

“To have a live choir there on the stage and then these singers from different countries signing with us in real time through Skype, it’s as if there aren’t borders anymore.”


And you thought Skype was just about making phone calls 🙂