A hotel room of the future by Microsoft & Novotel

A few weeks back I wrote a post musing on what a hotel room of the future may look like. Today, thanks to Long Zheng, I spotted a video of a collaboration between Microsoft on Novotel on just that. Okay, it’s not as far out as some of the ideas I had but this room is here now and taking bookings for stays in Paris at the Novotel Vaugirard Montparnasse. 

Chambre 3120 boasts two modular rooms – the first of which is designed for adults white walls and an Xbox 360 with Kinect for streamed movies and media content. A retractable bed affords more space and a glass “capsule” on the terrace is aimed to provide a flying a spaceship view of Paris.

The second area is designed for kids with a tatami, heated beds and a second Xbox 360 with Kinect. It also includes Microsoft Surface (v1) embedded in to the space along with slate PCs and Windows Phone. The two areas are linked by an interactive mirror from Sensorit that harnesses Kinect and includes built-in radio and real-time news feed.

The room is available until February 14, 2012 at €199 a night.