Windows Store shows devices and services

Last week in the Microsoft Store I noticed (as did others) the Spotlight section was highlighting “Better Together” applications. McAkins talked about our ‘3-Screens and the Cloud vision’ and this is really a great manifestation of that – applications that run across PC, mobile and Xbox in a seamless way.

So what apps fit that category? Stuff like

  • OneNote – if you’ve never used it, you’re missing a killer app across Phone and PC that seamlessly synchronizes your notes, thoughts and scribbles. I’m a recent convert but now die hard user.
  • Netflix – a great example across all three screens. Pause a movie on one screen, pick it up on another.
  • Xbox SmartGlass – it not only runs across 3 Microsoft screens but also iOS and Android and as of last week, Kindle Fire.


As Microsoft transforms to a devices and services company, I expect to see this category continue to build out – with 1st party and 3rd party apps that highlight the benefits of having consistent UI, consistent store, consistent dev tools and more. It’s brought to life a little in this video…

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