Getting my Surface groove on

A new video from the Surface team shows the versatility of the product – not just in colors but the keyboard, built in app like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and  Skype. It’s similar to the earlier Surface Groove video which features Xbox Music and Fresh Paint.

After a couple of months of using Surface myself I’m pretty happy with the device. I use the touch keyboard less than I thought I would though when I do, it continues to surprise me just how good it is. The device is with me every day if I’m working and at weekends, it’s a solid companion too – with Fresh Paint continuing to be a family favorite and Angry Birds has finally reached the Clayton household. In conjunction with my Wi-Fi hotspot, I use Surface to keep lunchtimes sane with Netflix for kids. During the week, I use Nextgen Reader a ton to keep up with tech news and I’m increasingly using Lync, 4th and Square, Smart Glass, Xbox SmartGlass  and Rowi.

The latest feature I’m enjoying is the MicroSD card slot – which happens to be the same storage my new GoPro Hero3 uses so when I finish snowboarding on the mountain later this afternoon, I can eject the card from the GoPro, drop it in my Surface and review the footage with the aid of a beer in the post bar.