Richard Banks explains why people film on their phones at concerts

Richard Banks is a fascinating chap from Microsoft Research in Cambridge, England. I’ve covered his work here before on NEXT as well as the work of the Socio-Digital Systems group of which he is a member. Their Technology Heirlooms work is currently on display at the National Media Museum in Bradford, England and in this talk the recent PSFK conference in London, Richard explores the challenges and opportunities of our digital legacy.

He hits on one topic that has often fascinated me – the video or photo recording people do at music concerts. I often wondered what people intend to do with a 5 minute video of Madonna shot from 200ft away on a smartphone. Richard answers that question for me by saying people often don’t have a plan – it’s simply an act of participation.

As with all good speakers, Richard leaves us with as many questions as answers. Hit play for a thought provoking 11 minutes of your time.