Microsoft Dynamics hits 212mph

The Formula 1 season gets underway again this season and personally I love that fact that Lotus is back near the front of the pack. I’ve been a fan of their road cars since I was a kid and the story of Colin Chapman and Jim Clark was often discussed in our household.

It’s also great to see the Microsoft name on the side of the black and gold E20 as Kimi Räikkönen and Romain Grosjean pilot it around the circuits of the world. Earlier this year Lotus announced a three-year partnership with Microsoft that put the Microsoft Dynamics name on the team’s cars and its drivers’ overalls. The partnership is much more than that though as Lotus F1 is also using Microsoft Dynamics AX to run the team operations.

Our News Center has much more detail on the partnership. I’ll be settling in this weekend to see the boys race around the best track on the calendar – Spa in Belgium!