My favorite key in Windows 8


– this is fast becoming my favorite key in Windows 8. I’ve been upgrading all of my machines to the release version of the software over the last week and in particular enjoying the experience on my Sony Vaio Z when connected up to two monitors at home. My system flies along and every day I find little details that surprise and delight – the latest are the two small icons in the bottom right of the explorer window that toggle between detail and large thumbnail view of a set of files.


The clip_image001 key is my new best friend with Windows 8 though – I’ve always been a big user of keyboard shortcuts and with a few new ones memorized my speed for many tasks has gone up another notch. For power users like myself, clip_image001 +X brings up some common administrative and power user tasks. A few others I’m using a lot



clip_image001 + C for the charms bar

clip_image001 + H for the share charm

clip_image001 + I for the settings charm

There are plenty of others and a comprehensive guide to Getting around in Windows 8 on the Windows Experience blog. If you’re up and running with Windows 8, it’s well worth a look.

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