Photosynth redux


A few weeks ago I posted about Photosynth arriving on Windows Phone and I’ve been busy creating panoramas on my Lumia 800. The process of creation is quite captivating itself as the application makes is incredibly intuitive to create a panorama. Now I just need to start sharing more of my creations.

A post on the Nokia Conversations blog reminded me of the amount of Photosynth’s that are published online and the ability to post a synth that is geottaged on Bing maps. In the south of France area I am at right now, there are over 1400 user generated synths or “panos” that let you explore the world in far beyond a flat, 2D photograph.

Expect a few panoramas of Cannes later this week and in the meantime, check out the world of Photosynth’s on Bing Maps and if you have a Windows Phone, grab the app.

(note that Bing Maps hosts both synths and panoramas – check out the Photosynth site to understand the difference.