CES 2012 – PC hardware recap

This is a guest post by Ryan Asdourian of our OEM marketing team


The show floor at CES is a whirlwind. More people than you can imagine and a playground for anyone who loves electronics. In addition to putting together a hardware gallery of some of the latest and greatest Windows PCs, I had a chance to walk around, explore and see all the ways people were luring folks into their booth. Some of the highlights included seeing a full on boxing ring, discounts on products being thrown out to people walking by booths and even a few company mascots running around. The energy is electric and even though you can walk around for hours and even days, there is a pretty good chance you won’t see it all!

Our booth alone is pretty massive and is really easy to spend over an hour in. There were some great new product announcements that really pushed innovation boundaries that were in short supply at CES, but if you were lucky you were able to get some hands on experience with them.


  • Sharp’s new 80-inch TV PCwith multi-touch, the perfect interactive complement for the boardroom or classroom
  • Acer’s new S5, only 15mm at its thickest point, thanks to a magical port panel that opens to reveal USB, HDMI and more
  • Lenovo’s 27” A720with 10 point multi-touch and the ability to fold fully horizontal creating a flat interaction surface or even a family game table
  • VIZIO’s new line of PCs including beautiful 24” and 27” AIOs as well as 3 elegant thin and light notebooks


On stage during the Microsoft keynote and in our booth, we showcased some brand new PCs and Phones. Both the HP Envy 14 Spectre and the Nokia Lumia 900 took home “Best of CES” awards from CNET. Below includes details on the keynote featured machines. Let’s dive into some of the machines that were on stage.

HP ENVY 14 Spectre_frontopen (2)

HP Envy 14 Spectre
Innovative glass design creates a durable, protective covering for one of HP’s most advanced notebooks.

  • Revolutionary design, the first multi-surface glass notebook
  • Precision crafted in metal and amazingly light, with the strength of Corning Gorilla Glass
  • The 14.0” display is fit into the case of a typical 13.3” notebook, giving you a lot of viewing area in a very compact form
  • Ready to entertain you, Beats™ audio allows you to hear the music as the artists intended and the dazzling HD+ Radiance display provides spectacular contrast and colors that bring movies to life



Samsung 9 Series, 2nd Generation
Complement your sense of style with an exclusive, premium look.

  • This super-thin, fast and stylish PC fits a gorgeous 13.3″ HD screen into a standard 12″ chassis
  • Constructed of Aluminum, this PC is amazingly light and incredibly strong
  • Boots in 10 seconds, and resumes from hibernation in only 2 seconds!


Dell XPS 13
Designed to keep you connected and productive on the road, this ultra-mobile PC packs power and performance into a strikingly small yet durable package.

  • Unparalleled convenience and mobility with all the power of a full-size laptop
  • Quality construction and a carbon-fiber design elevate this small, light PC above the competition
  • Smart design enables an 11” footprint


PC Specs

HP Envy 14 Spectre

Samsung 9 Series,
nd Generation

Dell XPS 13


Intel Core i5

Intel Core i5 2467M

Intel Core i5


6 GB

4 GB

2 GB

Hard Drive

128 GB SSD

128 GB SSD

128 GB SSD


ATI Radeon HD

Intel HD Graphics 3000

Intel HD Graphics 3000


14.0” HD+ Radiance Display / 1600 x 900

13.3” 1600 x  900


1368 x 768

HDMI out



No (DisplayPort)


9 hours

6 hours

7 hours


3.79 pounds

2.6 pounds

3.06 pounds


0.79 inches

0.5 inches

0.71 inches






Thin, light and powerful, all of those PCs and phones are gorgeous and come at an attractive price point. The first one I called out at the top, the 80” Sharp Interactive display, well we actually had the 70” version in our booth. To see it in action, check out this short video:

And with more and more thin and light PCs coming to market, this digital booklet will take you through some of the newest and hottest PCs running Windows 7. Check out some of the latest design innovations, including super thin bezel screens, premium audio, built-in projectors and more.

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