NFC Mobile Gaming

Following on from the post yesterday regarding the future of window shopping, the Microsoft Tag team has a post up that look at NFC Mobile Gaming. Given my post earlier today on PSFK’s Future of Gaming report, I thought this was worth a look.

The scenario below shows a family interacting in a restaurant using mobile devices and NFC to spice up their dinner. At first glance this could come across as a contrived situation but trust me, as the father of a 2 year old who rarely sits still in such settings, anything to engage and keep kids at the table is a good thing. Crayons and placemat to scribble on are a welcome distraction but this brings a new element.

In my experience it usually takes teens around 3 minutes as such a dinner before their phones are out so it’s an opportunity to engage them too.

Bring on NFC I say…I want more of it, now!

NFC Mobile Gaming Scenario