Quote: Microsoft have really shown us a future…

A few years ago, a guy called Blaise Aguera y Arcas took to the stage at TED and gave a demo that has stayed at the top of their most jaw dropping demos for quite some time. Yesterday, Steven Bathiche of our Applied Sciences Group here at Microsoft took to the stage of Thinking Digital and showed some of the work he’s doing around building the ultimate display. From the tweetage I saw, he had a similar impact to Blaise.

The fact is, they’re both amazing guys doing groundbreaking work and match that with a passion for tech that shines through in their presentation styles. I included tweets from Ewan McIntosh and Christian Payne as they’re both independent voices I respect who are not easily bowled over. To see them both tweet so effusively about Stevie’s presentation was pleasing to see.

I wish I’d been there to see it live – next year I’ll be back at Thinking Digital for sure. In the meantime, check out our earlier post on building the ultimate display, as that’s the stuff I expect Stevie covered. If you’re at all familiar with the video below, you’ll be pleased to know that Stevie and his team are building the technology to make many parts of this possible – in particular the glass “wall” that you see the two kids chatting through at the start of the video.


Herb Kim and the team at Codeworks have a very special thing building with this conference and I’m delighted that Microsoft was once again able to participate and that Stevie was well received.

[update] @documentally just added an Audioboo interview with Stevie

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