Project Emporia arrives on Windows Phone 7

Imagine a news service that learnt over time what you liked and what you didn’t to give you a personalized services. On the TV, I would actually pay good money for such a service – in the meantime, I can get it on my Windows Phone 7 with the availability of Project Emporia in the Marketplace.

My recent post on Project Emporia highlighted some changes in the service since it was first shown in the UK earlier this year – a slick new UI makes it way more usable and that is now live too. Behind the scenes, Emporia mines RSS feeds and all links shared on Twitter (around 1,000,000 articles every day) and auto classifies them using the Matchbox technology from Microsoft Research and some Mechanical Turk routines.

What you end up with is a categorized, personalized news service. On Windows Phone 7, it’s simple but elegant. You get a lineup of news stories based on categories you choose and then you vote them up or down with a  plus or minus icon. Those votes help influence what you see in future. Don’t like seeing entertainment news about Paris Hilton? Just vote her down and you get a different set of news next time. Each time, it should get better and better.

Imagine if you could do that with your TV. Now that would really be something.

The app is available now and is also on the iPhone I believe (link to follow). You can follow @projectemporia on Twitter

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