Disability Inclusion at Microsoft: A Personal Journey – Amos Miller

“Working in an organization like Microsoft, it’s like working in a toy store,” said Amos Miller, a product strategist with Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence and Research team. “You basically have everything around you to help you with what you want to do.”

When Amos considered joining Microsoft a decade ago, he was looking for a role to combine his passion for technology with his newly acquired skills in business. As a person who is blind, he understands first-hand how important technology is for people with disabilities.

To learn more about the projects Amos has worked on, check out this story that includes an audio experience and enjoy the below video.

YouTube Video

Audio descriptive version available here

In celebration of the US Business Leadership Network (USBLN) conference focused on inclusive hiring, we are spotlighting the great contributions that Microsoft’s employees with disabilities make to the company. You can learn more about our approach to accessibility on our website. If you are interested in employment opportunities at the company, here is more information on Inclusive Hiring at Microsoft.