Disability Inclusion at Microsoft: A Personal Journey – Jessica Rafuse

“We need diversity! We need people who are diverse in abilities, diverse in thoughts,” said Jessica Rafuse, program manager with Microsoft Accessibility, and an employment attorney by trade. “It really makes all of us better to learn from those who aren’t necessarily as like-minded as we are.”

Jessica is passionate about technology and the potential to empower people to achieve more in all aspects of life. Since joining the company, Jessica has become a champion for the inclusive hiring program. She noted that, “we’re specifically looking for people with disabilities to join the team and bring those unique skillsets to work. It’s really cool to be part of that movement.”

To learn more about Jessica’s experience at Microsoft, check out the video below.

YouTube Video

Audio descriptive version available here.

In celebration of the US Business Leadership Network (USBLN) conference focused on inclusive hiring, we are spotlighting the great contributions that Microsoft’s employees with disabilities make to the company. You can learn more about our approach to accessibility on our website. If you are interested in employment opportunities at the company, here is more information on Inclusive Hiring at Microsoft.