Four New Eyes First Games Now Available, Play with Your Eyes!

By Bernice You


We are excited to announce the release of four new Eyes First games on Microsoft Store for Windows, including Tile Slide, Match Two, Double Up, and Maze. With this release, people can now play the Eyes First games on Windows 10 PC using their eyes.

These games are powered by Windows 10 eye tracking APIs and can be used with or without Windows 10 Eye Control, a key accessibility feature for people with speech and mobility disabilities.

People with speech and mobility disabilities can face limitations in communicating and using computer technology to play (games), collaborate, engage, be productive. With innovation in accessibility technologies, such as Windows 10 Eye Control, these limitations can be addressed to unlock the potential of their powerful minds.

The Eyes First games are popular games reinvented with a bit of a twist. Playing these games is a fun way to start and get familiar with eye control, learn the skills to apply to other eye gaze-enabled assistive technologies, and simply to have some fun. Although the games are designed and optimized for an Eyes First experience, they are still mouse and touchscreen friendly.

Download the free games today. Challenge yourself to complete the Tile Slide puzzle in the fewest number of moves; exercise your memory playing Match Two; sharpen your math and strategic thinking playing Double Up; and see how fast you can get your lost puppy home, without getting lost yourself, in the Maze. Compete with friends and family for high score honors. And the twist? Play by using your eyes!

Play the games and practice your skills. Check out the resources including “getting started” and “how to play” that will help you become a champion for Eyes First games.


Four square animated images for the four Eyes First games, Tile Slide, Match Two, Double Up, and Maze.

*To play Eyes First games or to use Windows Eye Control, you need a compatible eye tracker device and Windows PC with Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803) or newer. See more information in Windows support. These games can also be played in the classic ways via mouse or touch.

There are already stories showcasing real-life impact from the use of eye gaze technology for people with speech and mobility disabilities, including former pro football player Steve Gleason, who uses a Windows 10 powered Surface and drives his wheelchair with his eyes, and data guru, Otto Knoke, living with ALS who is modernizing industries by using Windows 10 Eye Control.

If you have speech and mobility disabilities (often related to ALS, cerebral palsy, and spinal cord injuries) and envision a different way to access your computer and to be in control, download the games (Tile Slide, Match Two, Double Up, Maze), have some fun and start your eye control journey today.

Play the games and share your feedback. We design with users in mind and want to hear your voice to make the Eyes First games better. Share your thoughts in the Microsoft Accessibility Feedback Forum. For technical help with Windows 10 Eye Control check out the resources on Microsoft Disability Answer Desk. See Windows support to get started with Windows 10 Eye Control.

If you are a developer who craves to build products that create positive changes and have life altering impact, check out Windows 10 Gaze Interaction Library and see the possibilities.

Explore the Windows blog to learn more about Windows 10 Eye Control, and the Windows eye tracking APIs and open-source libraries that enable app developers to build more accessible and immersive app experiences with eye tracking. It’s exciting to see what you all create and the positive impacts your development will bring.