Rallying the Troops: What it Takes to Make the Case for a Technology Investment

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Evaluating technology solutions for your business can be a substantial time commitment. Whether it’s meeting with vendors, reading online reviews, or comparison shopping, this process is no simple task. Once you’ve evaluated all your options and made a final decision, there’s usually one last hurdle that can make or break all that up-front elbow grease: securing buy-in from the other C-suite executives at your company. Here’s how individuals at one company, Hospital Physician Partners (HPP), secured buy-in from its leadership team.  

Hospital Physician Partners (HPP) is one of the nation’s largest emergency department and hospitalist management companies, serving over 100 hospitals in more than 20 states with over 2 million patients. Microsoft for Work recently sat down with a few of HPP’s team members to hear how they encouraged their executive team to invest in a healthcare analytics tool for the company.  

Recognizing the need for just-in-time insight into finances and provider performance data, the HPP team identified Pyramid Analytics, a business intelligence and analytics solution, as an ideal tool for their organization. “You can’t really improve something if you can’t monitor it,” said Roland TagleSenior BI Analyst at HPP.  

Here’s what the HPP team shar

ed with us about how they made the case for the company’s investment in Pyramid Analytics:  

Design a compelling demo  

Partnering with Pyramid Analytics before their leadership team presentation, the team members determined they could best demonstrate the value of the tool using live HPP data in the demo. Shortly after receiving the software, the HPP team set up the environment, and then, according to HPP’s Chief Information Officer, Lloyd Chesney, We then quite literally took it and brought it into the conference room and said, ‘Alright, we’re going to show you a full analytics demonstration using our data.’”  

Prove immediate value  

The HPP team described the atmosphere in the room on presentation day. The executives walked in expecting a typical software presentation and were blown away to find their business data already populated within the Pyramid Analytics tool on the screen. “They must have asked three times in the meeting, ‘Is that our stuff?’” Chesney told us. Giving them unique insight into the company’s finances during the presentation was especially effective. By utilizing Pyramid Analytics’ geospatial offering based on Bing Maps, the presenters illustrated revenue streams with a state-by-state comparison. This helped the executive team pinpoint which states were bringing in the highest and lowest revenues—

something they had never seen in a map view before. 

Turn them into evangelists  

Most important, after securing executive buy-in, the HPP team members continued to prove the value of the company’s Pyramid Analytics investment by providing clear transparency for the leadership team. For instance, they turned a weekly 35-page executive report into an automated report using the tool’s reporting features. The automation of reports allowed the company to glean insights into its business operations on a day-to-day basis. The team members knew they had turned their executives into real advocates once the latter started saying, “What can you do with that [Pyramid Analytics] now?” 

Making your case successfully   

Encouraging executive team buy-in when it comes to technology solutions for your business can be a complicated undertaking. Equipping yourself with the right tools and information, and continuously demonstrating value to the C-suite—from the demo to beyond the purchase—is essential to your success. Have you had to present your case for a technology investment to other executives at your company? Tell us about your experience in the comments below! 

To learn more about how Hospital Physician Partners is monitoring healthcare analytics using Pyramid Analytics and the Microsoft BI Platform, check out the Microsoft in Health blog and attend the webinar “From Zero to Healthcare Analytics Insights” on Tuesday, September 30, 2014.  Register and get the details here.