2 Quick Ways to Improve Social Interactions with Your Customers

86% of customers are likely to repurchase your product or service after a positive customer service experience. Several social experts at a recent Sprinklr Social@Scale Summit shared tips for ensuring more positive than negative interactions. Here’s what you can immediately incorporate into your social best practices.

Amp up your experience management

According to Sprinklr, “Brands will not survive the social age without experience management.” What they mean by experience management is how consumers interact with brands, explained Jeremy Epstein, vice president of marketing at Sprinklr. Consumers “amplify good experiences at scale” and “bad experiences at massive scale.” To provide customers with more positive experiences, it’s important to manage each customer’s experience across all areas—sales, marketing, PR, etc.—of the organization.

Brands will not survive the social age without experience management.

Avoid paid social mistakes

Overall, social media is giving customers a voice in a public arena. Your brand needs to listen to the good—and the bad—if it isn’t already, and have processes in place for addressing customer complaints, questions, and comments. Not only does the image of your brand stand to gain from this, but your bottom line depends on it as well.”The power lies with the people who control the data and know how to use it,” says Niels Kvaavik, vice president of sales in North America at TBG Digital. Kvaavik shared the biggest mistakes brands make with paid social, including buying fans and doing everything manually. He also stressed finding a balance for running tests to optimize results as well as accounting for the good and the bad. If you’re not careful, you could amplify with negative sentiment because it has a high engagement rate.