Young Entrepreneur Council Voices: How the Cloud Makes Your Business More Productive

Cloud computing solutions can be a key element to making your business more productive. Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprising the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs, offered their perspectives on how their businesses have benefited from cloud solutions. A sample of their thoughts is below; visit the Sage One site to download more tips from YEC on how the cloud can help your business.

 Tip: Hire remote workers without worry.

 “The biggest advantage of the cloud is that with a smartphone and a laptop, any employee in your company can be completely remote. They can access everything they’d need to at the home office with a few clicks. In our business, we’ve taken that to the extreme with employees in nine different countries. Every employee has the most up to date files and information in order to move the company forward.”

– Liam Martin, Co-Founder,


 Tip: Get paid faster

 “In the old days, accountants and entrepreneurs were forced to chase down receivables and listen to excuses or outright lies like, “the check is in the mail.” Today, the cloud allows us to eliminate inefficient paper processes and automate much of the struggle. Coupled with a capable team and well-designed process, we are looking at better cash positions, faster cash inflow and significant reduction in administrative costs.”

– Michael Hsu, CEO, DeepSky


 Tip: Scale quickly and easily

 “By using software services in the cloud, you make it much easier to scale your business up or down as needed, whether it’s changing the size of your team or the amount of online infrastructure capacity you need. When you’re growing your business, the last thing you want to fret over is how you can scale the tools you use internally to run your business. Using services on the cloud makes this seamless because you can just add seats for the services as you grow.”

– Doreen Block, Founder and CEO, Poshly Inc.

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