Breaking through the noise: how the new windows apportal puts important information at your fingertips

How many apps do you have open right now? How many bookmarks do you have saved? Likely, it’s too many to count. These tools are intended to make our lives easier, but many people are left feeling overwhelmed by all of this information. The new Windows Apportal breaks through that clutter, pulling in the data and apps you care about most, and places them front-and-center on the Windows 8 start screen.

Custom-built for your business

With more than 1.5M apps in the market—a number that will only continue to grow—it’s no wonder people are facing app fatigue. Using a customized dashboard, the Apportal gives users quick and reliable access to the apps and resources they need to get things done, especially at work. Take a marketing team for example. Instead of starting each morning by logging into several accounts and generating reports, team members could instantly view this from their customized Apportal. Giving employees instant access to information they need the most saves them time in the day, freeing them up to focus on other areas of business.


Solutions for every organization

Different roles require different solutions. The Apportal is customized to span across various industries and organizational roles, filtering job-specific information and displaying relevant data on Live Tiles. A company could equip its sales team, for example, with the Sales Productivity Solution (SPS). Initially built for the internal sales team at Microsoft, this Apportal gives salespeople instant access to role-based data such as leads, sales forecasts, and pipeline reports. This puts real-time information at the fingertips of each team member, so they never miss that crucial window when it comes to closing a deal.

Information overload and app fatigue are a reality for many, both at work and at home. Apportals can help break through that noise and deliver the information that matters most to help you get things done.