7 Challenges for the Mobile Worker, and the Windows Phone Apps That Solve Them

Getting the right mix of apps on your smartphone is the key to an effective pocket office. Apps solve problems—sometimes problems you didn’t know you had. Here are seven challenges for mobile workers, and the apps you can load on your smartphone to create the perfect pocket office for you.


When you’re on the go, you need to quickly stash and share files. There are many storage apps out there; Microsoft OneDrive just announced that you get a whopping 15 GB of storage absolutely free, giving you plenty of space to store and share videos, pictures, presentations, and more.

On a Windows Mobile phone, you can even pin your folders to your start screen, allowing you one-tap access to your most commonly used files.

The Perfect Presentation

Giving a presentation at a conference or on the road used to mean being tethered to your laptop while you spoke. With an app like Office Remote, you can present from anywhere in the room.

With Office Remote, your phone becomes your personal Microsoft PowerPoint assistant. The app allows you to run your PowerPoint presentation and see your notes. Your phone also becomes a laser pointer, to emphasize points in your presentation (or to have fun with your cat).

You still need your laptop or tablet, but with a Bluetooth connection, you’re no longer tied to standing two feet from the projector.

Taking Notes

Considering most people sleep within an arm’s length of their smartphones, it makes sense that they’re excellent ways to take notes on the go. Microsoft OneNote is a good option; so is Evernote, which allows you to grab pictures and mark locations. Both apps use cloud storage for your notes and sync across your device and your desktop, so your notes always travel with you. Once you update in one place, the new notes will show up anywhere.


Sometimes, phone calls just aren’t enough. Whether you want the futuristic experience of looking at live video during your call, or need to share your screen or review a document live with someone, you can do either with a service such as Skype. Connect over a Wi-Fi network and you don’t have to worry about using your data plan, either.

Enterprise Social Networking

Sure, you COULD use Facebook to organize the office outing this weekend, or you could connect with your team (even more important for workers on the go) over an enterprise social network. If your organization isn’t using Yammer yet, now is the time to sign up. There are numerous benefits to enterprise social networks, including keeping mobile workers connected to their colleagues.

Time Tracking

For mobile workers who need to manage time on projects, track freelance jobs, or analyze time usage, an app like TimePunch Mobile can help you do it on the go with a simple, accessible interface. When you’re back in the office, you can export your time data into Microsoft Excel to crunch exactly how much time you’re spending on each project—and how to improve your efficiency and productivity by focusing time where it’s needed most.

Managing your business trip

If you need to book and track flights, manage car rentals, book hotels, and more, an app like Business Trip will do all that and more. You can track your expenses by taking pictures of receipts, then automatically collate them and submit your expense reports. You can also set up reminders for rental car return, flights, expense report submission, and more. The $1.99 you spend on the app will quickly pay itself off in saved headaches.

Your Turn

Do you have an app you really like? How does it make your business life easier? Let us know in the comments section!